Pure Water for Your Industry

We offer many types of water treatment and services, so that you can provide your industry with the highest quality purified water.

Water Treated for Industrial Use

There are many examples of water treatment for fabrication, processing, parts washing, and cooling. Industries such as chemical, food, mining, paper and allied products, petroleum refining, and steel use purified water.

Manufacturing and/or production process cooling systems are also common industrial uses of treated water, especially distilled and deionized water. There are closed loop cooling systems such as to condensers at power plants or at factories subdivided into the user and the re-generation system. Open-loop cooling systems, in which the water is withdrawn from a source, circulate through the heat exchangers, and then returned to a body of water at a higher temperature.

Whether you need deionized, distilled, or reverse osmosis water delivered in bulk, need to solve hard water problems, or want to improve the quality of your process, Pure Water of Kansas City can help. Backed by over 30 years of experience solving the toughest and most common water issues, we bring our valuable experience right into your industry.

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